Solar Power Philippines by Optimus Energy.



We offer wholesale supply and 100% turnkey solutions for residential, commercial and industrial applications. If you are looking for a solar energy solutions provider, don’t go past Optimus Energy.



Residential Solar.

Our in-house engineering team provides supply and installation services for residential properties throughout the Philippines. Our team is experienced in providing solutions for your grid-connected, off-grid and hybrid energy storage needs.

Commerical Solar.

Our experienced team at Optimus has delivered a significant volume of commercial rooftop projects throughout the Asia Pacific region. We provide a 100% turnkey EPC service in the Philippines, for rooftop projects from 10kW to 1MW.

Wholesale Supply.

As one of Asia Pacific’s largest buyers of solar equipment, with over $15m USD in annual purchases. The team at Optimus can provide unbeatable wholesale prices for solar equipment, available from our warehouses in Cebu and Manila 6 days per week.

Solar Power Philippines by Optimus Energy.

Welcome to Optimus Energy. We provide a leading range of Solar Energy equipment throughout the Philippines. Because we have warehouses in both Manila & Cebu we are able to conveniently service solar projects right across the 7000+ islands in the Philippines.

Right here, you will find our online store, which will allow you to buy Solar Components & Solar packages right here online.  We also accept payments via Bank Transfer, Credit Card or Pay Pal.

If you are not a Solar Installer or Electrical Engineer don’t despair. In addition to great product prices,  we can also offer installation services via our network of loyal customers & partners who operate in nearly every corner of this great land.

Optimus Energy has a combined turnover in excess of  $15,000,000 USD annually, with operations in Australia, New Zealand & Hong Kong. Because we pride ourselves on being one of the most experienced solar providers in the Philippines, we have been able to add several MW worth of projects to our stable of 50MW of rooftops worldwide.

To find out more about Optimus Energy, please download our Company Profile.  Click Here.

In the Philippines, we offer only a core range of products. If you are looking for something that we don’t have available here in the Philippines, please check our Australian website & we can import your requirements for you.  – Wholesale solar distributor in Australia.

Residential Solar Power Packages. 

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Solar Power Philippines – Panels.

Solar Panels Philippines.

Optimus Energy is the leading distributor of Seraphim Energy Solar Panels. Some of the Key benefits or Seraphim include;

  • Factory Locations in USA, Japan & China.
  • Top 10 largest manufacturer of Solar Panels in the world, with 5GW of annual production capacity.
  • All products shipped to the Philippines are made in a Seraphim factory, not at an OEM facility.
  • The global leader in R&D with groundbreaking product offerings like the new Seraphim Eclipse modules.
  • Factory warranty certificate offered on all panels sold in the Philippines, securing your 25yr performance warranty.

Find out more about our range of Seraphim Solar Modules.    Detailed Product Information & Datasheets.

Solar Inverters.

Electrical Components. 

Engineered Solar Mounting Equipment.

Find out more about our range of fully Engineered Solar Mounting Equipment for your next solar project. Click Here.

Solar Power Philippines News. 

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