Solar Energy Davao.

Barangay Maputi in Davao Oriental is where the 350mw solar energy plant will rise and help supply electricity to entire Mindanao.

While Davao has huge unused land, this solar investment will cover over 200 hectares of land. This entire project has an estimate of P20 billion total costs.

“Solar Energy will be the one who will be organizing the solar panels. Barangay Maputi needs 200 to 600 hectares to make this project successful. This will be an extra income,” Cordova said.

“The resolution that we are waiting for the installation of the panels was already signed by our local government unit,” he added.

The National Electrification Administration will then get the resolution for approval.

Furthermore, Davao is the 5th safest city in the world last 2015 and known as the safest city in the Philippines. As more and more opportunity comes to this province, the use of solar energy will surely boost Davao’s economy.