12 into 2 PV Combiner Box


12 into 2 PV Combiner Box


ZJ Beny 12 into 2 PV Combiner Box.

ZJ·BENY PV String DC Combiner Boxes are key components in the PV Solar power systems, which are placed between Solar Modules and the inverters.

Efficient Protection Grade IP65/66 ZJ.BENY Combiner box is waterproof, dustproof and anti-corrosion, to withstand harsh environmental exposure.

PV Solar string Current Aggregation Multiple strings input, one string output, Available for 1-24strings, Max current 30A per string.

Effective Isolating.

ZJ.BENY Series Isolator Switches, current 16A to 630A, Max voltage up to 1500VDC, to meet the various demands from PV power systems.

Lightning Protection ZJ.BENY BUD-40/3 Surge protector device with pluggable design, up to 1000VDC,40KA, with lightning protection for PV power system.

Over-current Protection and Short-circuit Protection.