Growatt 1500s DC Switch (WIFI Ready)



Growatt 1.5kW Inverter.

– Maximum efficiency of 97.6% and wide input voltage range.

– Internal DC switch.

– Transformerless GT topology.

– Compact design.

– Ethernet / RF technology / Wi-Fi.

– Sound control.

– Easy installation.

– Comprehensive Growatt warranty program.

Input DC.
Max. recommend PV Power. (For module STC) 1900W
Max DC Voltage. 450V
Start Voltage. 80V
PV Voltage Range. 70V-450V
MPP Voltage Range. 70V-450V/250V
Full Load DC Voltage Range. 175V-400V
Max. input current. 10A
Max. Input Current per string. 10A
Number of independent MPPT trackers/ Strings per MPP tracker. 1/1
Output AC.
Rated AC output power. 1600W
Max. AC power. 1650W
Max. output current. 7.8A
AC Nominal voltage range. 220,230,240V 180Vac-280Vac
AC Grid Frequency range. 50,60Hz +/- 5Hz
Power Factor. 1
THDI. <3%
AC Connection. Single Phase
Max. efficiency. 97.4%
Euro weighted efficiency. 97%
MPPT efficiency. 99.5%
Protection Devices.
DC reverse polarity protection. Yes
DC switch rating for each MPPT. Optional
Output over current protection. Yes
Output over voltage protection. Yes
Ground Fault Monitoring. Yes
Grid Monitoring. Yes
Integrated all – pole sensitive leakage current monitoring unit. Yes
General Data.
Dimensions (W/H/D) in mm. 271x267x142
Weight 6.1kg
Operating Temperature range. -25°C +60°C (derating over 45°C)
Noise emission. (Typical) <25 dB (A)
Altitude. 1d 9h 20m
Self Consumption. (night) <0.5W
Topology. Transformerless
Cooling concept. Natural
Environmental Protection Rating. IP 65
Relative Humidity. 100%
DC Connection. H4/MC4 (opt)
AC Connection. Connector
Display. LCD
Interfaces: RS232/RF/Wi-Fi/LAN/GPRS yes/opt/opt/opt/opt
Warranty 5 years/ 10 years. yes/opt

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