SMA SBS 2.5-1 VL-10


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The Sunny Boy Storage is the battery inverter for high-voltage batteries from important reputable manufacturers. With a charge and discharge power of 2.5 kW, it is ideally suited to handle electricity demand of a private household.

With the Sunny Boy Storage, customers benefit from markedly reduced system and installation costs and flexible applications. Thanks to AC coupling, the battery inverter can be installed or expanded in any location, at any time, regardless of whether or not there is already a PV system installed. The Sunny Boy Storage is a true jack-of-all-trades, one that uses high-voltage technology to make it cost-efficient and light weight. It also uses just a few components, because the most important functions for intelligent battery management are already integrated. This makes the Sunny Boy Storage the ideal choice for putting more sun in your electricity supply.

Technical Data.

AC connection

Rated power (at 230 V, 50 Hz)                                                         2500 W

Max. apparent AC power                                                                 2500 VA

Nominal AC voltage / range                                                             220 V, 230 V, 240 V / 180 V to 280 V

AC power frequency / range                                                            50 Hz, 60 Hz / −5 Hz to +5 Hz

Rated power frequency / rated grid voltage                                  50 Hz / 230 V

Max AC current                                                                                   11 A

Power factor at rated power                                                             1

Adjustable displacement power factor                                            0.8 overexcited to 0.8 underexcited

Feed-in phases / connection phases                                                1 / 1

Battery DC input

Max. DC power                                                                                     2650 W

Max. DC voltage                                                                                   500 V

DC voltage range / DC rated voltage                                                100 V to 500 V / 360 V

Min. DC voltage / start DC voltage                                                    100 V / 100 V

Max. DC current                                                                                    10 A

Max. DC short-circuit current                                                             18 A

Battery type                                                                                            Li-ion*


Max. efficiency / Euro-eta                                                                      96.8 % / 96.1 %

General Data

Dimensions (W / H / D)                                                                           450 mm / 357 mm / 122 mm

Inverter weight                                                                                         9.2 kg (20.3 lbs

Operating temperature range in battery operation                           −40°C to +60°C (−40°F to +140°F)

Noise emission, typical                                                                            < 25 dB

Topology                                                                                                     Transformerless

Max. permissible value for relative humidity (non-condensing)       100%




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