Hopergy 4 Module Solar Mounting Kit.


4 Module Mounting Kit Philippines.


Hopergy 4 Module Solar Mounting Kit Philippines.

This mounting kit by Hopergy is suitable for a standard corrugated Metallic roof structure & can be adapted to other types of metallic roofing.


Importantly, the kits include grounding products & cable clips to assist solar installers to reduce the risk of fire & lightning strike of their customers PV arrays.

Wind Loading.

This mounting kit has more than enough components to handle winds in excess of 88 meters per second (316.8km/h) when the PV array is installed as per the Engineering guidelines. This mounting system has been approved to be used in Australia under the stringent AS/NZS 1170 wind standards.

Solar Mounting Kit Inclusions.

2 x 4200mm Aluminium Mounting Rails.
2 x Rail Joiners to ensure the mounting rails form 1 continuous structure.
12 x Tin roof interface brackets with EPDM Rubber to avoid cross metal contamination between the bracket & roof.
12 x Generic roofing screws.
2 x Earthing Lug to earth the PV array & racking system.
7 x Earthing plate to earth the PV panels to the racking system.
4 x Generic Cable Clips
10 x Mid Clamps (Inner clamps) 32-50mm adjustable to suit nearly all solar panel frame sizes.
4 x End Spacers which conveniently turn mid clamps into end clamps for the end of any solar array. 32-50mm adjustable.


10yrs manufacturer’s warranty against product defects.

Engineering Report & Installation Guidelines for various wind conditions.

Wind loading is a significant concern when installing solar arrays in the Philippines. The Optimus Energy racking kit made by Hopergy has exceeded the ASNZS1170 standard for wind loading in Australia. It is our recommendation that all installations exceed the guideline set out in the below document for region D.  Included in the kit is 12 tin interface brackets which will allow you to affix brackets at spans no less than 700mm apart.

See wind regions & wind speeds under ASNZS1170.