3.85kW Seraphim/ Zeversolar Grid Connect Solar Packages.


3.85kWp Grid Tied Solar Kit.


3.85kWp Seraphim/ Zever Grid Connect Solar Packages Philippines.


This solar kit matches top quality Seraphim Energy Panels with the value for money Zeversolar Zeverlution Inverter. Zever solar is a brand that you can trust, being part of the SMA group of companies.

Daily Yield = 15.40kWh.

This system will suit a small household with a monthly energy bill of around 9000php.

You will need around 22m2 of suitable roof space to install this system.

Kit Inclusions; 

14 x 275W Seraphim Energy Polycrystalline Solar Modules.

1 x Zeversolar Zeverlution 5000 Solar Inverter with WIFI Communication.

4 x Optirack by Hopergy Solar Mounting Kit.

4 x ZJ Benyi 32 amp DC Isolators.

1 x ZJ Benyi 35 amp Single Phase AC Isolator.

14 x 5m Cable with MC4 Connectors.

1 x DC Label Kit.

Warranty Terms.

Solar Panels:  10yr product warranty & 25yr performance warranty.

Zeversolar Inverter: 5yr warranty.

Hopergy Mounting:  10yr warranty.

Electrical Components: 1yr warranty.

Product Details. 

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