3.30kW Seraphim/ Zeversolar GT Solar Package


3.30kWp Grid Tied Solar Kit.

(FREE Standard Installation in Cebu or Manila metro areas)


3.30kWp Seraphim / Zeversolar GT Solar Package.

(FREE Standard Installation in Cebu or Manila metro areas)

This solar kit matches top quality Seraphim Energy Panels with the high quality, low price Zeversolar Inverter range.

Daily Yield = 13.2kWh.

This system will suit a small household with a monthly energy bill of around 7000php.

You will need around 20m2 of suitable roof space to install this system.

Kit Inclusions; 

12 x 275W Seraphim Energy Polycrystalline Solar Modules.

1 x Zeversolar Zeverlution 3000S Grid-Tied Solar Inverter.

3 x Optirack by Hopergy Solar Mounting Kit.

4 x ZJ Benyi 32 amp DC Isolators.

1 x ZJ Benyi 35 amp Single Phase AC Isolator.

14 x 5m Cable with MC4 Connectors.

1 x DC Label Kit.

Warranty Terms.

Solar Panels:  10yr product warranty & 25yr performance warranty.

Zeversolar Inverter: 5yr warranty.

Hopergy Mounting:  10yr warranty.

Electrical Components: 1yr warranty.

Product Details. 


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