SMA STP25000TL-30

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The SMA STP25000TL-30 is the ideal inverter for large-scale and commercial and industrial plants. It contains cutting-edge grid management functions such as Integrated Plant Control. This feature allows the inverter to adjust reactive power at the point of normal coupling and removes the need for a discrete reactive power controller. In addition, it is capable of supporting multi-string configurations and provides flexibility in the system design. Best inverter ever. Some advantages of the SMA STP25000TL-30 inverter include:

  • High maximum efficiency up to 98.4%
  • Extreme DC input voltage tolerance of 1000V meaning the panels can be connected in longer strings series to avoid the cost of having multiple parallel strings
  • Low power consumption during the night, only 1W is required to run the inverter
  • OptiCool system to ensure the inverter is operating at the optimum temperature