Voltronic Axpert V Inverter/ Charger

The Voltronic Axpert V Inverter/ Charger was realesed by Optimus Energy into the Philippines in 2017.  Below are the potential error codes that might come up.

Fault code 07

Overload error. The inverter is overload 110% and time is up.

Reduce the connected load by switching off some equipment.

Fault code 05

Output short circuited.

Check if wiring is connected well and remove abnormal load.

Temperature of internal converter component is over 120°C. (Only available for 1-3KVA models)

Check whether the air flow of the unit is blocked or whether the ambient temperature is too high.

Fault code 02

Internal temperature of inverter component is over 100°C.

Fault code 03

Battery is over-charged.

Return to repair center.

The battery voltage is too high.

Check if spec and quantity of batteries are meet requirements.

Fault code 01

Fan fault

Replace the fan.

Fault code 06/58

Output abnormal (Inverter voltage below than 190Vac or is higher than 260Vac)

1. Reduce the connected load.
2. Return to repair center

Fault code 08/09/53/57

Internal components failed.

Return to repair center.

Fault code 51

Over current or surge.

Restart the unit, if the error happens again, please return to repair center.

Fault code 52

Bus voltage is too low.

Fault code 55

Output voltage is unbalanced.

Fault code 56

Battery is not connected well or fuse is burnt.

If the battery is connected well, please return to repair center.